AccelerHosting ranks #1 Fastest Web Hosting

We were recently made aware by one of our customers that they did a speed comparison between different hosting companies, and found that AccelerHosting ranked #1 among all of the top fastest web hosts. We can’t say we’re that surprised, since AccelerHosting has been based since it’s inception on high speed, but what did surprise us was how far behind all the other hosting companies were.

We ran the numbers for ourselves, and indeed they do look pretty impressive, if we do say so ourselves. You can see them directly on Bitcatcha’s report, and in our screenshot:

Screenshot of the Bitcatcha Server Speed Checker Scores for

Bitcatcha grades our speed at an A+, which is their highest grade. There were others that achieved this grade though, as you can see from the Bitcatcha report:

Screenshot of other hosting companies in Bitcacha report

The numbers start to look a little more impressive when you add them up and average them.

Current fastest web hosting in the world as benchmarked by Bitcatcha, and compiled by
Current fastest web hosting in the USA, as benchmarked by Bitcatcha, and compiled by

You can test some hosts your self at Bitcatcha site.

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