Best WordPress Google Analytics Plugins Compared in 2020

Everyone needs to know how their site is doing, and that’s exactly what analytics are for. Google is the largest search provider in the world, so it makes sense that most site owners measure with Google Analytics.

We compared a bunch of different WordPress plugins for Google Analytics, and found that the best one for most sites is currently the one WordPress plugin from Google themselves. Yes, we mean Google Site Kit.

Why: The Details

Now we’ll dig into the good and bad parts of each plugin, listing out the pros and cons for each.

Google Search Console
Google Site Kit combines Google Search Console with Google Analytics, and more.

Google Site Kit

Suprisingly, a lot of comparisons leave this entry out! Maybe it’s because this is a relatively new entry to the WordPress plugin arena. Google has realized that WordPress is where the largest number of creators are, so it makes sense for them to make a plugin for the platform.


  • Combines metrics from multiple sources, including Google Search Console
  • Completely free, with no up selling (so they aren’t constantly trying to drive you to a “pro” version)
  • Authentic, from the makers of the makers of the analytics service it self


  • Doesn’t directly integrate with WooCommerce


Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by Monster Insights


  • Integration with WooCommerce


  • They’re constantly trying to sell you the “pro” version


GA Google Analytics

A lot of these plugin become potentially confusing because they use the “Google Analytics” brand name in them, but make no mistake, this plugin is not from Google.


  • “Simple” and fast, but not any faster or more simple than Google Site Kit
  • Some additional optional plugin settings


  • Again, trying to up sell you on the “pro” version is distracting
  • Not many unique features


The Best

As mentioned previously, Our recommendation for most sites is Google Site Kit.

The Reasons:

  • All the other Google Analytics plugins from 3rd party vendors seem to be trying to sell you something.
  • Integrated nicely with Google Search Console.
  • When Google makes changes to their Analytics, it makes sense that they’ll update, possibly before others do

All of this make sense to you? Have you found another point that think is important in your decision for Google Analytics plugins? Please drop us a comment and we’ll update our article.

Thanks for reading and, happy site making to you!

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